New Year’s Resolution No. 1 ~ Love Yourself!

I’m creating a place to come and be inspired. Find new ideas. Remember how to love life again. And remember to have fun. This is it. This is life. Right now. Live it with joy. And learn/remember/keep on loving yourself. The answer to all the questions is: Love Yourself.

I know most religions teach that the main purpose in life is to love others. I firmly believe the goal in life is to love ones self. That sounds awful and it’s not really the end of the story. I believe the goal in life is to love others, to be generous and giving and inspiring. But I believe the only way to REALLY do that, honestly, deeply and with real truth, is to love one’s self so deeply that that love spills over onto everyone and everything in one’s life. THAT is living a loving life. Not being nice because your religion tells you to or because you feel superior doing so or because you don’t want to feel guilty. Love because you can’t help it. Be kind because kindness radiates from you. Love yourself and be kind to yourself so fully that you shine with it. That is what makes a life joyful, that is what makes children grow up strong and healthy, that is what will make the world a better place, because it’s real.

So here’s to 2013.  A year with wonderful energy to it. A year of good things I think…here’s to one more place out here on the internet to bring together a few good ideas, quotes, projects, inspirations and silliness.


with love