Summer wishesHeather Morrison-Tapley, MA, L.Ac. is a nationally licensed acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist who has been in practice for 15 years, specializing in fertility for 9 years. Trained in both the US and China. She sees clients at her office in Kennebunk, Maine where she combines her thorough knowledge of fertility acupuncture with a warm, caring personality to offer her clients a relaxing and supportive environment in which to nurture their health and fertility. She currently works in close conjunction with several of the area’s top fertility doctors. In addition to acupuncture, Heather’s schooling included in depth study of over 300 Chinese herbs. She is licensed to make medicinal tea, and prescribe pill and tincture formulas. She offers a full range of herbal supplements at her office. Heather is also a certified Reiki practitioner and offers this ancient, gentle healing energy work to any clients who are interested. Heather continually expands her knowledge and keeps current by taking courses on fertility, Food Therapy, women’s health and gynecology in TCM, including Randine Lewis’ course on the Infertility Cure. Heather combines her knowledge and skills in Chinese medicine with a caring and sensitive personality. She believes that when a person feels safe and relaxed, the body is able to do its best healing. Heather offers professional, deeply relaxing treatments in a spa like setting at 57 Portland Rd Kennebunk, ME. She can be reached at 207.205.2194 or HeatherETapley@gmail.com.


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