Weight Loss

OMdiet-A5folder & CD

Welcome! Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to teach your body how to stop being so stressed? Then you’re in the right place! Sign up for the weight loss program called The OM Diet which I developed after 15 years working with weight loss clients. And after finally wanting to lose weight myself! This is no crash diet that ends in yo yo weight gain. This is a program based on helping you to relax, create a healthy relationship with food, and stop cravings! The program involves:

  • A thorough intake including your weight loss journey, your goals, and a diagnosis and body type analysis.
  • 8 acupuncture treatments including auricular acupuncture (ear acupuncture) on points proven to help curb cravings and appetite.
  • A copy of the 30 Day OM Diet
  • A CD of relaxation meditations to be used during your program.
  • A 3 stage diet plan that gives guidelines for what to eat, how to cleanse, foods to avoid and how to create a healthy relationship with food so that you can continue to eat well long term.
  • Motivation cards to keep in your desk/wallet/handbag with beautiful images and inspiring quotes to help keep you on track!
  • Ear seeds placed on key points to stop cravings and curb appetite. These stay on from one appointment to the next and can be pressed on any time to help curb cravings.

Email or call with questions, or to get started finally losing that weight, and keeping it off, easily!


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